Earliest SEO Updates 2022

Google Search, Google Review, Google Ads, Bing, and more…

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Earliest SEO Updates 2022: Google Search, Google Review, Google Ads, Bing, and more.

These are all updates from Google Search, Google News, Google Ads, Microsoft Bing, Facebook, and so on.

1. Product Review Update Rollout Started

2. Google announced Prestashop integration with shopping

3. Google Ads API changes announced

4. Political content policy update announced by Google

5. Google Ads launched an image extension for desktop ads

6. Microsoft launched the ethical shopping hub in the UK

7. Google news reporting method changed

8. Google local pack design rolling out

9. Google admitted redirect errors in Google search console

10. Google search console changed rich result type object reporting

11. GA4 and GSC property linking announced

12. Google made the belated announcement of Local search update

13. Microsoft launched travel experience

14. Google announced Prestashop integration with shopping

15. Facebook Revamp to Meta

16. User-Experience (UX) Out-turn SEO

17. Facebook low reach factors

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