Certified Online Digital Marketing Course with Brand Promoter 3x

45 Days, Virtual Digital Marketing Course is now available on-demand! Register now to join Online Digital Marketing Classes.

With Brand Promoter 3x, this Virtual Training Program edify your knowledge as a Marketers/New Learner. This program is specially built for all learners, freelancers, business owners, entrepreneurs, working professionals, and job seekers. Now Available On-Demand – Only in Rs. 9,999

Digital Marketing is a Science: You need research, testing, and measurement to get specific results in your desired field.

Data-driven decisions are essential to ensuring Digital Marketing success, but they’re only actionable when sound analytics practices are at their foundation.

Enroll now and Learn with Brand Promoter 3x, for a guided educational journey that will teach you how to measure success in digital marketing like a pro.

Virtual Digital Marketing Course/Training, topics will include:

- Business Research & Analysis

- Leveraging new features in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

- Measuring business profitability and performance with Google Analytics and new day to day updates.

You’ll also take a deep dive into Search Engine Marketing/Optimization, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, App Store Optimization, Email Marketing and basic of search engine and social media's Ads, on LIVE Projects to broad your visualization power.

All topics are now available on-demand!

Certificate Of Completion

When you attend virtual training with Brand Promoter 3x, you’re making a commitment with your career. That kind of initiative deserves recognition! Attend this virtual training in its entirety to receive your very own Certificate of Completion and a digital marketer badge, perfect for posting to your social profiles and website.

Use your Digital Marketing Certificate of Completion to:

• Find Opportunity/Job in Digital Marketing Field.

• Demonstrate your knowledge of the latest industry topics and trends.

• Being Entrepreneur/Working Professionls, you correlate things better in digital world.

• Showcase your talent as a Freelancer.

• Grow your online business as a business owner.

• Beef up your CV and resume with honor, as a digital marketer.

Let’s see our syllabus in details or what you learn during the Virtual/Online 45 days program:

Explore Syllabus!

During this Course, You’ll learn all those concepts on LIVE PROJETS.

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