Reasons Why Your Organic Facebook Reach is Low?

Things You Must Know About Facebook!

In this fast growing tech world, it's hard to get audience attention over Social Media, if your content is not unique and startegies aren't updated.

Today, We're going to talk about the reasons why our Organic Facebook Reach is Low, leftover Social Media's we'll discuss later on. Our R&D Team finds out businesses who are just starting or newbies or aren't aware about Social Media, face these problems a lot like Low Facebook Reach or didn't get audience attention on posts.

Reasons You Must Know, Why You're Finding Your Social Media i.e. Facebook Reach is Low:

1. Posting too often/or not often enough. We know sounds like a catch 22, but these both could be causing a decrease in your business posts reach. It also depends on if you are running a brand type page, or a media type page.

2. You need to focus more on engagement. Posts that call for people to be interactive on them. This will increase interest from your followers. Call to Action buttons are always another way to increase engagement. Go Live, Use Videos or actual real photos, not just graphics or clip art everytime.

3. You’re not targeting the right audiences.

Most of the time this problem only happens if you don’t boost your page in the right direction. People need to be able to tell what your page is all about, or what you’re selling the moment they land on it.

Otherwise, you’ll end up with an audience you really can’t engage with, as you don’t share the same interests. But most of all, your content won’t be displayed or promoted by Facebook to users who might genuinely be interested in it.

Some great ways to build your Facebook organic reach on your page are:

1. Go Live!!! Videos create the best engagement! You can add another layer of interest in your brand by going Live! Facebook Live videos are a great tool for capturing interest in your followers.

2. Posting on a regular/weekly basis about your products/services.

3. Ensuring your content is relevant to your audience.

4. Posting videos about your business and what goals for the future you may have.

5.Asking your audience questions or creating polls for them to vote on encourages engagement and is a great way to gain insight about your customers.

6.The use of relevant hashtags on your posts also opens up your content to new users.

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If You're good or in touch with Facebook Ads? We would also recommend the use of Facebook Advertising which allows you to target customers who are more likely to engage with your Page. Boosting your Facebook Posts, are also another easy and efficient way to obtain more reach.

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