PayPal Proposed $45 Billion to Pinterest!

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In 2020 Survey, we found that Pinterest had revenue over $1,693 million, is an image sharing and social media service public platform, based in San Francisco, California and officially operated by Pinterest, Inc.

About Pinterest Foundation

As Everyone knows, Pinterest.com founded 11 years ago in December 2009. This internet industry had over 478 million globally monthly active users and increase with 3x speed every month. Although it's a huge success achieved by its team members but the Key Peoples behind this; Ben Silbermann (CEO); Todd Morgenfeld (CFO).

Current Scenario Pinterest VS Paypal

Bloomberg News first reported on the companies' talks on Wednesday that PayPal Holdings Inc (PYPL.O) has offered to buy digital pinboard site Pinterest Inc (PINS.N) for $45 Billion. It would be biggest asset of social media company, comparable to Microsoft Corp's (MSFT.O) $26.2 billion purchase of LinkedIn in 2016.

This news of PayPal's bid for Pinterest come in front, just as the social network launched updated features including Amazon affiliate links & Creator Rewards.

During its launch announcement of new features released, Pinterest said:

- Pinterest is wilfully designing a product rooted in innovation, inclusivity and zeal for Pinners, creators and brands.

- These brand new features address the changing entail and assurance of creators and consumers online, and they enable everyone to encourage, build and reach new viewers; captivate with a community around shared passions; draw funds with original content and become a shopwindow for merchants.

- PayPal-Pinterest chatter the potential apex for other social media & fintech corporations to unite forces to seize swaths of the e-commerce vend.

- Social/interactive commerce is expanding in the United States and no one has wrapped it up yet. So rather than going at odds with Amazon, PayPal is making a bet on a disparate kind of shopping model," said Marketplace Pulse e-commerce analyst Joe Kaziuknas.

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