How User Experience (UX) Out-turn SEO?

Good Or Bad Imapacts!

Morning Marketers,

Today, We can’t say, it’s Good or Bad Morning for you and your business website. Instead of Newbie, everyone knows about the recent User Experience (UX) update of Google Search Algorithm, either impact good/bad or even worse on your Website. So, If you are practising on SEO consistently and don't get any benefits overall. Then, it’s time to take a break from old SEO practises and bring new strategies in, that’s really helpful to save your time, efforts as well as ranking factor in SERP.

Let’s Start from the beginning, so we can understand, “How User Experience (UX) Out-turn SEO?”

What is User Experience (UX or UE) in SEO?

How a user interconnects with and experience, when visiting your website. SEO + User Experience (UX) leads your business towards success. Because both are sharing common goals i.e. giving users outstanding experience.

For example, Google doesn’t rank directories, article submission and bookmarking links, doing such activities is a poor user experience i.e. sending a user page of 5 links to page of 10 counts to be bad/poor user experience.

So, now the next question comes to light...

Which is more Important: SEO or User Experience (UX) Design

Businesses who are focused more on SEO, instead of User Experience (UX) Design, raise this question with experts. We have to spend our marketing budget over SEO or User Experience Design; Which one is more Important?

As earlier Our Brand Promoter 3x Team,introduced you with the definition of User Experience in SEO (Read Above). As you can see clearly that SEO and User Experience are in direct relationship for the ranking factor of your website, in which SEO focuses on Search Engine and UX’s targets your new or old website visitors.

So, if you rely on experts' advice and want to create a website/webpage, where people love to read or enjoy the content and recommend it to their friends, creating a positive user experience ultimately leads to a good search performance. Spending your time, efforts and money on both User Experience (UX) Design and SEO is a smart choice, rest depends upon you.

Next talking point is about…

How to Write SEO Content for Website User Experience (UX) ?

By Replica the top keywords on top web pages, you’re missing a good chance to satisfy search query. Within a few years, SEO changes a lot. Passage indexing/ User Experience changes everything to rank in SERP, which makes us realize that it’s time to recommence old strategies.

Either Brand Promoter 3x Experts, help you to curate SEO Optimized Content for a great website user experience (UX) or you have at your own to understand this point.

Old Way:

Testing and exploring top-ranked sites to abstract keywords and write down content on those keywords.

New Way:

Probing top-ranked sites to acknowledge the question being asked and then provide a fine answer.

Once you figured out a pattern, understanding the question/query being asked by the user and giving a satisfied answer becomes your content. Once you understand a particular type of search query, you can start writing your own content.

“Word count is not a ranking factor.”

Before Write, Think what Google’s John Mueller Said :

Now, you got what he actually meant. Let’s step ahead towards the effect of User Experience.

How User Experience (UX) affects SEO?

Google cares for those websites who are appropriate for user queries. Those pages whose ultimate goal is to satisfy users with relevant answers of questions, ranks on SERP. As you already read above SEO and User Experience are the key for ranking in google search and works together to achieve the same goal i.e. User Satisfaction. We think it can help you to understand how user experience plays an important role in ranking algorithms.

So if you are still conscious of User Experience and avoiding it. Then it's the perfect time to tighten up your losing ends, before you said yourself;

“ अब पछताए होत क्या, जब चिड़ियाँ चुग गई खेत? ”

means “why to cry on spilled milk”

Either you can HIRE an expert from our freelance and well qualified team at an affordable price or construct everything by yourself before it’s too late to start again.

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