Written by Founder • Vijay Bhardwaj VJ

Journey of Brand Promoter 3x

Hey, Myself Vijay Bhardwaj VJ, founder of Brand Promoter 3x, always working on prime moto of B3 Team i.e. " To Provide Virtual Business Services to Everyone around Globe" & that's why we're the biggest Virtual Business Service Providers for Businesses & Offering this Platform for every freelancer around the globe. We provides the opportunity to every qualified freelancer according to his/her skills. If you are spending your valuable time to read my or brand promoter 3x journey, then I'll elaborate it from the first phase when virtual business service idea was just ping in my mind.

To Start Brand Promoter 3x, idea first hit my mind back in March, 2017. That time, I had only business model, yet didn't named. I had searching for a name, that's represent our entire goal within itself. For that time, we work on the name of B3 Team. Finally in last month of 2018, I found a name that I was looking for i.e. "Brand Promoter 3x". After that eveyone knows us the name of Brand Promoter 3x OR B3 Team.

STORY BEHIND B3 LOGO DESIGN: Before proceed further, I think few things you need to know about Brand Promoter 3x logo. Our Logo look like it made of two words i.e. "Brand & 3x", but "Promoter" words within both words, represent a symbol/pillar/team behind the success of every business/brand. Now you look again Our Logo now you got it.

Everyone faces many up's and downs, but I don't even think to STOP and always believe to work efficiently & steadily. I've literally educated myself with every possible business service that everyone requires and still learnings on it.

With Respect to Time, We had worked with above 1k+ businesses around the globe with the help of our dedicated and qualified expert's freelancers team members. Brand Promoter 3x journey start with bunch of freelancers but it steadily grows every year and multiplies 3x as the Brand/Businesses works constantly increasing day by day.

What Believes & Rules Actually Grow Us!

I. Deliver Quality Work w.r.t. promised time.

II. Don't make any excuses to extend project time limit.

III. Only Professional & Qualified Expert's Team

IV. "Save Time, Save Money"_Not a believer who only save time, but a executer who actually save your money w.r.t Time

V. Fully Customized & Affordable Package.

VI. Only Charge 50% Initially to Start Projects.

VII. Always Ready to Partnership with Your Business.